Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife Kits & Parts Giving The World The Ability To Create, Build, Fix & Repair

Switchblade Flick Knife Directions, Instructions, & Help

If you need help with things then go to my knife forums and visit the help section at

Directions are not sent with items, there are no paper directions at all so don't ask.

There are posts on the forums to help you, you can read other guys information, most likely you are asking the same repeated questions so take the time to read things and become an active person with other guys who build things and make things.

The tools are their for you to be self-empowered.

So take charge and responsibility for your own actions.

I will not answer email questions on assembly, you will need to post things to the forum because it is helpful to all others and over time all questions will be available to read over.

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