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The Wonderful World Of Rona

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Sit tight folks, everyone is at home, you are not the only one bored outta your minds and wanting to buy things and fix things. 

Some of you look better in your underwear than others do, this we do have to point out.

So relax.

Don't watch the TV, don't listen to the news. 

Go outside wihotut a mask on and enjoy the sunshine and kill the rona while avoiding other humans, try enjoying your backyard.

If you live in an apartment consider moving, plant a garden, grow a tomato, pick a berry.

Relax, life is short on Planet Psycho, you are all gonna make it, just steady breaths and wash your hands kids......

Things will ship in the order they are received and sent out just like how any queue works.

Take your eat healhty, no more fast food or restaurant junk, if you don't eat your veggetables then take vitamins.

You got a lot more to worry about than your tracking minute every 30 seconds, it will ship things are backed up due to underwear shopping.

And if you do it commando more power to you.

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