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It never fails you have to explain things to everyone in this world of no patience and the notion of I want my shit instantly.  Well sorry guys, girls, or whatever gender you demand that I refer to you as.  This is a parts website so it entails something called "BEAN COUNTING" and that takes my time, in fact it kills my time so much that it takes a lot to process orders.  More attention is needed towards this and thus more time is needed.  So when there happens to be a lot of orders it sometimes takes 2 weeks to process the order, it is not normal at all but it can happen because from time to time people all are sitting in their underwear and serfing the internet and all decide at once that they need to fix their knife and to do something indoors because the weather has got them bored out of their skulls.  This is totally cool, I understand and you have gone with that knife not working for some time, so I understand you are cooped up in the house and going stir crazy but relax, things will ship and I will "BEAN COUNT" as fast as I can.  I sell parts to help people and to provide things that companies refuse to, so show some patience, and sit back and relax things will ship.

Please realize you are not the only person and when you take up my time to see the status you only prohibit me from shipping things.  I reply to emails, I only need one at a time and let me repsond, I don't need 12 in a row.  I don't need an outburst of where things are, make an account and you can log into the account and check the status yourself and I will get it to in the order it is received.  If you demand I reply in emails, I think it is fair to move you to the back of the line.  If you demand my attention right a way when you all know that their is a cue, I will stop to answer you but instead of being able to ship things I will have to waste time telling you that there is a line and I am going to move your order to the end of the cue to force you to learn even more patience in life.  Relax kids, seriously, I have done this since 2005 and it seems people only get more tempermental and impatient as time goes on and we all don't need this in life, sit back be calm and stay frosty.

When you need even more to read and are going full blown tit to the wall, also read.

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