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As a customer you should sign up for an account.  No information is sold or given to any company or agency when registering on the website.   This means I do not sell information, I do not give information away, I hate that myself and do not do this to anyone.  The reason you need an account is so that you, yourself and log into your account and view your order and your order status.  Yes, I email people tracking numbers once orders ship, however, SPAM does block things.  Emails can easily not come to your inbox because of SPAM blocks you have set up on your own email and furthermore your email provider can block things themselves and you will never see the email.  Most people are not smart and are ignorant in life, which is truly a sad state of being.  Get educated, your email has blocks on it from the provider and you won't know unless you contact them and learn about it yourself.  On average, 21% of commercial emails never reach the inbox.  If you are some tech guru then you can WhiteList me and use this for help.  So just avoid the nonsense that we both know happens and register for an account and then you can view things yourself, life should be about be self empowered not entitlements.  I am not here to be an asshole, I would like to keep things simple for the both of us.  I know that the customer who buys expensive things and appreciates things in life is never the issue, it is the guy who orders the cheapest shit possible that is always the trouble maker.

So once again I do email people back, but many times people write the wrong email address, I guess fat fingers press other buttons or too many buttons.  I always email receipts.  I always email order status.  I always email tracking numbers.  But that does not mean that you will receive them so again make life easier and sign up for the account.

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