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Stainless Steel Skeletonized Trigger Slide Chassis That Fits Microtech Scarab OTF Switchblade Knives

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Stainless Steel Skeletonized Trigger Slide Chassis That Fits Microtech Scarab OTF Switchblade Knives

CNC Machined Out of a Single Piece Stainless Steel

My slides are machined out a one solid piece of Stainless Steel

These Are Aftermarket Made & Superior To The Original Slides.


Not all Scarabs are the same, there are machining variations and you will need to make adjustments.

Australians, Brits, Canadians, Germans, French, and Russian all have figured out how to use them.  Sadly many Americans never got an education where shop classes were available and are ignorant to the concepts of fit and finish and of working with tools and using a measuring device such as a dial caliper or micrometer.  On top of being ignorant to these factors they are tempermental hot heads with a cry baby attitude that scream and whine when they can't figure things out which then resorts to a temper tantrum of cussing and name calling usually directed at me.  If you are like this then parts are not for you.  You will need to send your knife in for repair and not void the warranty directly to Microtech.  The harsh fact is that are not capable as the rest of the world seems to be, if you do not have the American Idiot problem, then disregard this and try to help the dumbasses around us all because it is not good that this is such a rampant problem with our society today.  This is not me being anti-American this is me stating facts about how you behave, it is not acceptable behavior and I want to change this because we are better than this nonsense and if you behave like this then shame on you for your childish rants, grow up and get educated to fix the real issues.  If you can not behave with the little things in life or even understand things then it makes things hopeless for issues that mean much more.
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