Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife Kits & Parts Giving The World The Ability To Create, Build, Fix & Repair

9" SUPERIOR ITALY Stiletto Switchblade Knife KITS

9" SUPERIOR ITALY Stiletto Switchblade Knife KITS

9" SUPERIOR ITALY Italian Made Stiletto Automatic Switchblade Flick Knife KITS

Company History & Information:

My name is Andrea Santini, I found my way into collecting knives by a driving passion to repair an old knife that belonged to my father. It was an old Herbertz OTF knife.

So here is how it all began and this is my story:

A year had passed since my first knife. The first attempts were disastrous due to the lack of suitable parts where I lived as there was no one who made knives or whom I could get any helpful information from.

One day by chance I was passing by a kiosk where I saw a knife magazine called “Blades”. In this magazine I found some companies that produced knives in a small town, Maniago and Friuli. I continued searching for help but could not find anyone, not until I went to the company of AB. This is where Mr. Armando Beltrame gave me some helpful tips and a very good dose of encouragement. So it started an adventure.

I am a very grateful friend to him to from that time and to this day and I want to say Thank You sincerely and publicly.

However, making the knives was not so simple. I had to learn the correct construction techniques.

Now SUPERIOR ITALY is an all Italian made stiletto with every part made in Italy, the blades are forged in Maniago and assembled to make one of the highest quality models to date.

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