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Microtech Screws

There is no exchanges on any Microtech Aftermarket Replacement Parts or Screwdriver Tools.

It is your duty as an owner of any Microtech knife to measure the screws correctly yourself and to locate the correct screwdriver tool yourself that you yourself can use on the knife that you have in your possession.

Microtech customers have in the past removed screws in their knives and then sent them to Microtech warranty issues.  This is the reason why there is tamper proof screws in their items.  It is not acceptable to open the knife up, it will void their warranty.  The screws are very frustrating and there are many sizes and styles to prevent consumers from attempting to open their knives.  Sometimes screw thread size changes even on the same model, so be prepaired for many issues.  All authentic Microtech Knives will use standard thread patterns, they are made in the USA so therefore screws are standard measurements.  You should have done your reasearch on the issues with all Microtech products and the Warranty issues and the frustration to fixing it at the time you purchased the knife.  Parts are listed because I do not think it is fair to customers outside the USA because warranties only apply inside the USA and also to persons serving in the armed forces that are deployed and outside the USA to also not be allowed to have their warranties honored for repairs.

If things don't work it is not my fault that means Microtech changed the tamper proof screws or you very well might have a fraudulent copy of one of their products.  Just because the knife you have is marked Microtech does not mean it is made by them because there are many illegally marked items being sold.  Authentic Microtech knives will always use STANDARD thread patterns, if the knife you have has METRIC thread then you have a model that is illegally marked and counterfeit.  So again, no blame on Microtech parts, I expect you all to behave yourselves.

Microtech replacement parts and components are not authorized, affiliated with, or sanctioned by Microtech.  Microtech puts tamper proof screws to stop end users from opening their knives and voiding the warranty.  It is suggested that you contact Microtech directly to get your knife repaired.  Parts are for customers that accept the fact that opening it will void the warranty, they are for customers outside the USA and for those serving in the armed forces where shipping items stateside is not allowed.  We honor and respect persons serving America and wish to offer them the ability to fix and repair the tools they use in the field.


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